Kills annual and perennial weeds

This ready-to-use, non-selective herbicidekills all types of broadleaf and grass weeds. It will kill the entire plant – roots, stems and leaves – but only when it is absorbed by the foliage. It deactivates on contact with the soil and will not leach through the soil to damage desirable plants.

Use as a Spot Weed Control Around:

• Trees • Flowers • Bushes • Shrubs
• Patios • Walkways • Driveways • Fences
• Vegetable and flower gardens

Effective Against

Broad leaf weeds, Grasses, Annual and perennials weeds

Features and Benefits

  • Non-selective "spot" weed killer for use around landscaped areas 
  • Kills most forms of plant growth without damage to the soil 
  • Effects are visible in only 1-2 weeks 
  • Only works when it is absorbed by the foliage, deactivates on contact with soil