Urine Odors Will Disappear With Bacterial Enzyme - CANNIBAL


Having urine odor problems?

Urine odors  WILL disappear with this specially formulated blend of  bacterial enzymes

Cannibal is especially effective in getting down in porous surfaces where bacteria thrive to assure long-lasting odor control. Simply spray the contaminated area and walk away allowing the product to air dry. Use on rugs and fabrics where urine spills have occurred. Mix four to one with warm water and use in carpet extractors to treat large areas. Spray around toilets and urinals to completely remove urine salts. Add to p-traps and drains at the end of the day to remove garbage odors. Ideal for apartments, hotels, motels for pet and human odors; nursing homes, day care centers for incontinence odors and in animal hospitals, public restrooms, recreation vehicles, septic tanks, drain lines and similar applications.

Available in variety of packaging and quantities. Purchase in bulk and SAVE!

Envyss urine odor control!