Turf King


Emulsifiable concentrate with Prometon

A non-selective, total kill herbicide designed for use where control of all vegetation is desired. Since most of the activity is done through the roots, it is emulsifiable and requires adequate rainfall to move the herbicide into the root zone. It is only recommended for non-cropland areas away from residential/recreational areas, outside of the dripline of trees and away from the roots of desired plants, brush, foliage and trees.

Non-Selective Herbicide With Residual control:

  • Along pipelines z Railroad rights-of-way z Fence rows
  • Around buildings z Loading ramps z Storage yards
  • Industrial sites z Parking lots z Tanks farms

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly and effectively eliminates all vegetation
  • Under normal conditions, a single application stops weed from coming back for one growing season 
  • Ideal for use on non-cropland area 
  • The degree of control and duration depends on the amount of herbicide applied, soil type rainfall and other conditions