Triple Threat Foaming Selective Herbicide


20 oz can / 12 to cs

Broadleaf weed control in an aerosol

This ready-to-use, selective herbicide kills up to 140 differentbroadleaf weeds. Since it is an aerosol, it’s special foaming action allows users to accurately apply the herbicide only onto weeds without harming the surrounding desired ornamental
plants and grasses.

Effective Against:

Alder, Catnip, Fleabane, Lettuce, Poison ivy, Stitchwort
Artichoke, Chickweed, Garlic mustard, Locoweed, Poison oak, Sumac
Aster, Chicory, Geranium, Lupine, Pokeweed, Sunflower
Bedstraw, Cinquefoil, Goldenrod, Mallow, Povertyweed, Tarweed
Beggartick, Clover, Gumweed, Marshelder, Primrose ,Thistle
Biden, Cockle, Hawkweed, Milkweed, Puncture vine, Tumbleweed
Bindweed, Cocklebur, Healall, Morningglory, Purslane, Velvet leaf
Bitterweed,  Coffeebean, Hemp, Mugwort, Ragweed, Veronica
Blue vervain, Coffeeweed, Henbit, Mustard, Rush, Vervain
Box elder, Creeping jenny, Honeysuckle, Nettle, Smartweed, Vetch
Broomweed, Croton, Horsetail, Oxalis, Sneezeweed, Virginia creeper
Buckhorn, Curly indigo, Ironweed, Parsnip, Sorrel, Wild carrot
Bur ragweed, Daisy, Jewelweed, Peppergrass, Speedwell, Wild garlic
Burdock, Dandelion, Jimsonweed, Pepperweed, Spurge, Wild rape
Burweed, Dock, Knawel, Pigweed, Spurweed, Willow
Buttercup, Dogbane, Knotweed, Plantain, St. Johnswort, Yarrow
Carpetweed, Elderberry, Lambsquarte, Poison hemlock, Stinkweed and many other broadleaf weeds.

Features and Benefits

  • High-intensity actuator accurately pinpoints weeds without hitting desired plants
  • Foaming spray shows coverage to avoid over application

Selective Kill

  • High-intensity actuator accurately pinpoints weeds without hitting desirable plants
  • foaming spray shows coverage to avoid over application
  • VOC compliant
  • Highly effective on broadleaf weeds
  • 0.326% 2,4-D, 0.164% MCPP, 0.161% 2,4-DP