Toilet Seat Wipes


160 ct/ 6 canister

Toilet Seat Wipes

Make every public rest room toilet clean & fresh

With these wipes, you can be assured of a clean, healthy and useable toilet every time. Each wipe is pre-moistened with a potent formula that cleans on contact and evaporates within seconds. Biodegradable and completely flushable – they won’t cause plumbing problems or back-ups. They come in 160-wipe canisters that fit into a dispenser that can be mounted anywhere.

Use on:

  • Toilet seats • Bathroom fixtures • Door handles • Other hard surfaces 

DO NOT use as toilet tissue or for personal cleansing.

Fast-Evaporating, Cleans, Deodorizes

  • Wipes are compliant with ASPM Flushability Specification
  • Quick and easy-to-use - simply wipe and flush down toilet


Toilet Seat Wipes by Athea make every public rest room toilet clean & fresh. Be assured of a clean, healthy and usable toilet every time. Cleans on contact.
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Manufactured by: Athea
Model: 1500
Starting at $29.53 for six cannisters New