Quick Strike Insecticide


Ready-to-use contact insecticide

This ready-to-use, water-based liquid insecticide offers instant contact control of crawling and flying insects. It’s effective against a wide variety of annoying insects and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Plus, it’s safe enough to use around humans and can even be used directly on livestock, horses, poultry and domestic animals.

Use indoors and outdoors:

Restaurants Dairies Institution Food processing plants
Cracks and crevices Beneath refrigerators Along baseboards Around stoves/sinks
Windows Closets and bureaus Beds/Mattresses Under carpets and rugs
On livestock/dogs/cats On house plants Shrubbery Ornamental vegetation

Effective Against

Ants Carpet Beetles Earwigs Leaf Hoppers Silverfish
Aphids Centipedes Fruit Flies Lice Sowbugs
Bagworms Cheese Mites Gnats Meal Worms Spiders
Bedbugs Clothes Moths Grain Mites Midges Stable Flies
Beetles Clover Mites Granary Weevils Mosquitoes Thrips
Biting Flies Cockroaches Hornets Moths Wasps
Boxelder Crickets House Flies Palmetto Bugs Webworm Larvae
Cadelles Deer Flies Lace Bugs Rice Weevils White Flies

Features and Benefits

  • Water-based insecticide leaves no oily residues.
  • Safe around humans and pets, as well as in food-handling areas.