Organic Acid Cleaner


Concentrated phosphoric acid cleaner

This liquid acid-based cleaner quickly and safely removes heavy lime and scale build-up from machinery, tools, appliances and a wide variety of other hard surfaces. It features a concentrated formula that can be used at full strength, or diluted for custom cleaning jobs. Plus, it cleans without the dangerous fumes and other hazards normally associated with acid cleaners.

Use on

Dishwashers, Steam Tables, Sinks, Appliances, Painted surfaces, Machinery, Ice machines, Tools, Piping, All metals, Stone, Tile, Plastic, Glass, Concrete

Effective Against

Lime, Rust, Scale

Features and Benefit

  • Cleans without the fumes and other hazards of strong acids.
  • Cleans quickly and efficiently. 
  • Safely removes heavy lime and scale build-up.