Orange Zyme - Grease Trap Maintainer


6 gallon pail

Orange Zyme is a must for your Grease Trap Maintenance!

Orange Zyme is a highly concentrated bacteria/enzyme complex specifically formulated to quickly and completely digest food sources and clean your drains. This product is to be automatically injected into grease traps and holding tanks. 
Orange Zyme will prevent the formation of a solid grease cap keeping the trap free flowing and odor free. Orange Zyme will liquefy all solid organic materials in the system, such as food wastes, greases, fats, cellulose, carbohydrates and starches. Regular use of this product will eliminate the need for costly pump-outs. This product is fortified with AC-66 to deactivate chlorine as it enters the grease trap so as not to harm the complex.

Sold in 6 gallon pail.