Orange Away Gel


Thick-bodied, non-running cleaner

One of the most powerful, yet most natural cleaners you can use. Made with 70% d-Limonene, it’s so strong that it’s capable of removing tough tar and asphalt from machinery and tools. This product is thixotropic, which means it readily clings to surfaces without running. It’s the perfect product toclean vertical surfaces, such as ceilings, without wasting product or wearing extra protective clothing.

Clings to vertical surfaces for maximum cleaning of:

  • Roofing tools, Roofing forms, Stone, Masonry, Brick, Asphalt spreaders
  • Asphalt Rollers, Heating Pots, Shovels, Paddles Buckets
  • Brooms z And Other Asphalt/Roofing tools

Effective Against

Tar, Pitch, Asphalt, Roofing compounds

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively removes tough soils including tar, pitch asphalt and roofing compounds. 
  • Clinging formula means no waste from run-off. 
  • Easily flushes off with hot or cold water 
  • Deodorizes as it cleans



Due to the commodity nature of citrus products, prices may change without notice. Please call to verify pricing.