Multi-Purpose Hand Towel


Multi-Purpose Hand Towel 

Superior Grease Remover for Hands, Tools, Surfaces

Multi-Purpose Hand Towels are pre-moistened with a high-powered, multi-purpose, grease-cutting formula that lifts away
grease, tar, adhesives, wax, ink, paint and lubricants from hands and other non-porous surfaces. The superior grease-grabbing performance is ideal for use on tools, equipment, and hands. Natural oils and emollients are safe for hands and
skin, and will not cause drying, unlike similar products. Non-scratching towel is abrasive on one side and smooth on the
other. NSF C1 certified.

Ideal for Use On

  • Hands and Arms
  • Automotive Engines
  • Baseboards
  • Hand-Held Tools
  • Automotive Rims
  • Door frames 
  • Machinery
  • Automotive Trim
  • Non-Porous Surfaces

Effective Against

  • Tar Paint Wax
  • Grease Adhesives Ink

Superior Grease-Grabber and Cleaner for Tools, Hands, Surfaces

  • High powered multipurpose cleaner for hands, tools, equipment
  • Highly effective on grease, oil, tar adhesive, and other soils
  • Ideal for industrial, plumbing, printing, manufacturing, construction, painting, transportation, maintenance, and marine
  • Abrasive, yet non-scratching fabric aids in cleaning
  • Natural oils and emollients condition and won't dry hands
  • Available in canisters, buckets, and large refill rolls to fit center pull dispensers for high-volume applications
  • NSF Certified: C1