Hygien Hand Soap


Contains the Proven Germ-Fighter BZK

This antiseptic liquid hand cleanser features the ingredient BZK (benzalkonium chloride), making it strong enough to use in hospitals, dentist offices, restaurants and nursinghomes where eliminating the spread of bacteria is very important. It also contains an emollient to moisturize skin as it cleans, even with regular and repeated use.

For Use by:

Doctors Nurses Dentists
Veterinarians Morticians Chefs
Barbers Hair Stylists/Salons Restaurants
Bartenders Dishwashers Taverns
Nursing Home Workers Hospitals Food Processing Personnel

Features and Benefits

  • A mild, pleasantly scented hand cleaner 
  • Antiseptic hand cleaner containing benzalkonium chloride 
  • Contains an emollient to help moisturize skin