Water Based Cleaner For Grease And Grime - Gold Standard


Gold Standard is a new concept in water based cleaners 

Gold Standard is formulated to remove the toughest grease, grime and other industrial contaminants from virtually any surface without harm to the user or the environment.
Gold Standard can be used on waxed floors, for regular maintenance without dulling or removing the wax. It is especially effective in automatic scrubbers on greasy, oily plant and warehouse floors. 
Gold Standard's extremely neutral pH (7.0-7.6) makes it ideal for cleaning and maintaining marble and granite without the risk of dulling these highly polished surfaces.
This is an excellent choice for power washing fleet vehicles such as transit and school buses, emergency vehicles and passenger trains. It easily removes road film, tar and other contaminants without damaging or dulling the vehicle's finish.
• Neutral pH                           • No Sara 313 Chemicals
• Phosphate Free                  • No Petroleum Distillates
• EPA Voc Compliant             • No Butyls or Glycol Ether
• Non-RCRA Regulated         • Non- Hazardous, Non-Pollutant
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