Foaming Tile & Shower Cleaner


Ready-to-use lime & soap scum remover

This non-abrasive cleaner is formulated to remove tough mineral deposits, stains and soap scum from tubs, tiles and bath  fixtures. It blends together mild acid cleaners with wetting and penetrating agents and cleans with a heavy, thick foam that provides longer contact time with bathroom surfaces. It cleanswithout noxious fumes and is ideal for use on vertical and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Use on:

• Tubs • Tile • Bath fixtures
• Fiberglass • Porcelain • Grout

** Do not use on marble, colored grout or polished aluminum surfaces.

Effective Against:

• Minerals • Hard-water deposits • Soap scum • Iron stains

Features and Benefits

• Special cleaning agents generate a thick, clinging foam.
• Pleasantly scented, ready-to-use cleaner requires no scrubbing.
• Effectively removes soap scum, lime deposits and mineral stains from tile, plastic, fiberglass, porcelain and grout.