Floating Lift Station Degreaser


Degreases and Covers Odors with 100% d-Limonene

A highly-effective and all-natural solution for covering offensive odors and eliminating grease accumulation in lift stations. Made with 100% d-Limonene, this product uses a non-emulsifying formula so that it floats on the surface of water to block offensive odors. As water levels rise and fall, it coats all lift station surfaces and removes heavy grease deposits from lift station walls. Red dye indicates when additional product should be added. Biodegradable formula will not interfere with the biological digestion of existing bacteria. 

Features and Benefits

• Contains 100% natural d-Limonene to dissolve greases and deposits
• Floating formula acts as an “odor barrier” to lift stations to block offensive odors
• Red indicator dye indicates when additional productshould be added to maintain efficacy
• Will not harm bacterial action in sewage treatment plants