Enviro Blast - Pre-spotter & Stain Remover


12 x 1 Quart

Stain Remover from Kor-Chem

EnviroBlast is a very powerful, multi-purpose cleaner and stain remover. A versatile solution that may be used to remove a myriad of stains from laundry, fabric, carpet as  well  as  hard  surfaces.    

EnviroBlast  is  an environmentally  friendly  product  that  has  been formulated  with  biodegradable  surfactants and cleaners. The non-hazardous, non-toxic formula allows for the safe and easy removal of organic stains such as mold stains, mildew stains, algae stains, red ink, Kool Aid, coffee, grass, cola, tea, wine, pet urine and much more.

This product is color safe and will safely remove stains from colored fabrics.  EnviroBlast also deodorizes areas as it cleans and leaves behind a pleasant floral scent.