Electro Wipes


30 ct/ 6 cannisters

Electro Wipes

Eliminates static to avoid data loss

Wiping down electronic equipment with these wipes protects them from electricity and prevents dust accumulation.
Pre-moistened with a special formula that neutralizes the effects of static electricity, these wipes prevent the loss of important data stored on computer equipment, as well as damage to other devices including monitors and television screens.

Use On:

• LCD Screens • Telephone ear and mouth piece • Copiers
• Office equipment • Keyboards • Printers
• Computer terminals • Fax machines • Televisions

Cleans Equipment and Eliminates Static

  • Special formula neutralizes static to protect the loss of data
  • Minimizes dust accumulation
  • Towels can be used on almost any electronic equipment
  • Ideal for use on computer screens and TVS