Protectant Wipes


40 ct/ 6 canisters

Protectant Wipes

Restores Surfaces and Repels Dust

Pre-moistened with a water-based silicone formula specially developed to clean vehicle surfaces, as well as protect them
from drying, cracking, fading, dulling and deteriorating. Formulated with a special anti-static ingredient to help resist dust
and repel it from collecting on surfaces.

Ideal for Use On

• Autos • Trucks • Boats
• Vinyl • Leather • Wood
• Metal • Rubber • Side Molding
• Seats • Weather Stripping • Rubber Bumpers
• Tires • Door and Window Seals • Dashboards
Note: Do not use on glass surfaces, steering wheels, pedals or other instrumentation where slipperiness may present a hazard. 

Effective Against 

• Repels Dust • Eliminates Static
• Prevents Drying • Stops Fading
• Resists Cracking • Protects from Dulling

Restores Surface Shine and Protects

  • Water-based silicone formula specially developed to clean vehicle surfaces
  • Restore surfaces to their original shiny luster
  • Protects surfaces from drying, cracking, fading and deteriorating
  • Special anti-static ingredient repels dust


Protectant Wipes that restore surfaces and repel dust. Contains water-based silicone formula developed to clean vehicle surfaces, and protect them from drying.
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Manufactured by: Athea
Model: 1545
80.22 New