Aero-Gel By Athea


20 oz can/ 12 to cs

Sprays like a liquid, sets up as a gel. 

Only $7.14 each

Contains 70% d-Limonene, making it one of the most powerful aerosol cleaners available. But it is also thixotropic, meaning that it sprays on as a liquid but sets up as a thick, clinging gel. This allows the product to be 

used where most cleaners cannot, including vertical surfaces, because it will stay on surfaces until soils are lifted away.

70% d-Limonene

  • Heavy-duty formula removes tough grease and oil
  • Sprays like a liquid, sets up like a gel
  • Thickened formula clings to vertical surfaces
  • NSF Certified: C1


Aero Gel is a most powerful aerosol cleaner which sprays like a liquid but sets up as a gel allowing it to be used where most cleaners cannot function.
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Manufactured by: Athea
Model: 8388
Starting at $85.89 for case of 12 New