Automotive cleaner, polish and sealant

An automotive cleaner, polish and sealant that restores the “showroom shine” to your vehicle. The advanced formula combines the best features of a fast-acting cleaner, a high-gloss polish, and a durable environmental sealer into one product. The powerful solvent d-Limonene gently lifts away tar, road film and insect remains, while a system of waxes and silicone polymers provide unmatched protection to your vehicle’s finish.

Effective for use on:

Aluminum, Chrome, Fiberglass, Clear coat finish of newer autos

Effective Against

Tar, Gasoline,Insect deposits, Damaging effects of pollutants

Features and Benefits

  • Bonds to the finish of a vehicle
  • The natural extract, d-Limonene, removes tar, gasoline spills and insect remains quickly 
  • Protects clear coat finishes from the damaging effects of sun, wind and rain