Non-Flammable Safety Solvent


20 oz can/ 12 to cs

Non-Flammable Safety Solvent 

Safely cleans motors and electrical equipment

This aerosol cleaner is formulated with low-conducting ingredients to make it ideal for use on motors and electrical equipment, even while they operate. It has a high dielectricstrength of 32,000 volts, and is potent enough to remove dust, dirt, oil and tar. Its fast-drying formula won’t corrode delicate parts or leave behind any residue.

Use on:

  • Electric motors
  • Power tools
  • Ice machines
  • Refrigeration units
  • Generators
  • Vending machines

Effective Against

  • Oil And Grease
  • Dirt and Grime

Fast Drying with High Dielectric Strength

  • Dries quickly and leaves no residue
  • Non-flammable formula
  • Non-conductive up to 32,000 volts
  • Can be used on electric motors, generators or other electrical equipment during operation