Cleaning Tile Flooring Quickly, Efficiently, Affordably

Posted April 04 2013

Cleaning tile flooring - White N' BriteCleaning tile flooring well is important as the floor is usually the largest surface in a home. It can be a pain in the neck. Many people find keeping floors made of tiles, especially those with multiple types commonly used today to be the most difficult. These tips for cleaning tile flooring can make the job quick and easy.

Most people make the mistake of waiting until their floor is so dirty they have to do something about it. This allows the grit and grime to wear away the shiny surface of the floor-covering. It also makes it more difficult to remove spills. The cleaner must use more force and harsher chemicals under these situations.

Anytime anything is spilled on the floor, it should be removed as quickly as possible. Absorbent cloths come in handy for these types of spills. Do not forget plain water as well as dirt tracked in from the yard also count as spills. They should be removed from the tiles immediately.

On wet days when it is raining or snowing, keep a towel near the door to dry shoes. Doormats can also be helpful in keeping floors clean. Some households create and begin enforcing a no shoe rule. Be sure to wipe the feet of pets before they return inside the home.

A good quality soft dust mop is essential for cleaning tile flooring. Choose one with a detachable head that can be laundered when dirty and replaced if necessary. While disposable cloth dusters work well, replacing the pad with each use can be expensive. In addition, they are not as good in quality as an old fashioned one described here.

Use a damp mop on a regular basis. Often water is all that is needed. Be sure to wring the mop well before putting it on the floor. For wood floors, wring the mop twice to prevent over wetting the floor. Change the water and solution as needed to prevent streaking.

Finish the job using a mop with a dry shine head. This head dries the floor, removes streaks and gives it a great shine. Its use is essential the best looking floor.

Cleaning tile flooring that has been neglected may require tougher chemicals to do the job correctly. These chemicals have compounds that lower tension of water to remove dirt more effectively with less scrubbing. Be sure to choose chemicals that are appropriate for the tiles being cleaned.

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