Soft Scrub Cleanser - Medic is the best!

Posted January 25 2013

Cleaning Products Review

This heavy duty cream cleanser removes even the toughest stain from any hard surface …

Cream Cleanser by Medic

We all know the above, and most of us – some of us – will attest to the fact that Medic is perhaps the best and most gentle cleanser available on the market. However, not many of us know that Medic can also be used for a variety of purposes which we would not normally think of.
  1. Did you know that those tough hair spray stains on your mirrors (hotel managers take note) can be easily removed and cleaned by Medic?
  2. Did you know that protein stains in not skid tubs – i.e. stains caused by body proteins by people standing and showering – can easily scrubbed away with Medic.
  3. Those tough and stubborn pencil and pen mark on Formica tops, caused by children or doodling adults can be cleaned efficiently by Medic also?
  4. Did you know that ceramic and glass top stoves love Medic?
  5. Have you considered polishing your gold, silver and other precious metals with Medic? You will be surprised!
Chose Medic as your Soft Scrub Cleanser by CleanItClean / Envyss - you will not regret it!

Cream Cleanser by Medic